Ride sharing won’t solve congestion problems in cities. We need to jump to a new level of urban mobility.

There have been plenty of ideas how to relieve city centers and their residents’ lungs of emissions and exhaust gases. From radical calls (“everyone hop on your bikes”) to more realistic suggestions (“everyone hop on the transit”) to novel concepts such as ride sharing and car sharing.

Juraj Atlas, the cofounder of the Czech largest ride-hailing startup Liftago, explains for CzechCrunch how to leverage digital technology to interconnect different modes of transport to optimize the entire system and effectively reduce the number of cars in cities. That’s why he’s founded a new urban mobility startup, Mileus.

The worldwide level of urbanization is expected to grow from the current 73% to more than 80% in 2050. Urban sprawl and consequent rise in commuting, combined with a late response by transit systems to new socio-economic reality, have driven and will continue to drive individual car traffic with all its negative aspects, such as air pollution.

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This article is a translation of an article published by CzechCrunch, authored by our CEO Juraj Atlas.



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Mileus creates new possibilities for urban transport by interconnecting the best from the world of public transport and ride-hailing services. | mileus.com